My favourite shops

Here are the list of my favourite shops and stores to go to to get learning materials and open-ended toys. As you looked through the list you can see I tru\nst local mumtrepreneurs a lot. I experienced excellent customer service in most of these shops. Most importantly, they have a great passion in providing fun play and learning for children.


Nuts and Bolts

This is the first shop I went to when I made the decision to revamp Matty’s play environment. I am a fan of the Reggio system and loose parts play so this store shouts all the things I will want my kids to play with. This physical store not only sells wonderful materials for babies to tweens, it is a play haven for my kids with their invitation to play set-up for customers to sample their products.

Barefoot Toys

I bought more stuff than just these beautiful rainbow pebbles. I picked this picture because in essence, this store curated open-ended toys that are fun for free play, yet bring endless ideas for using them as learning tools. My kids’ favourite Playmags is purchased this store too.

Noah’s Toys and Games

Noah’s mummy only wants what is best for her child, and for all the children in Singapore, bringing in a wide range of Grimm’s and other quality open-ended toys. Get ready to drool over the beautiful selection as you shop. Bye money!


You can find really high-quality toys here; Wobbel, Way to play, Magna tiles…. They have a physical store at Forum too.

Treasures from Jennifer

Not a local business, but who can resist her products? Montessori and Waldorf mummies can have a good time shopping at this amazing Etsy store. Shipping to SG cost is insane, or else I would have probably bought almost everything listed there. Still, I highly recommend her high-quality wood products (and her math story curriculum looks interesting too).

Learning kits & materials


I visit this online store so often to get Chinese materials for my boy. They have theme-based / book activity kits and Chinese learning materials. Their learning tools are carefully curated and made with so much effort, you can practically feel the heat of their passion to make learning Chinese fun for kids. 😀

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Tickle Your Senses

They are probably the leading store for sensory play and activity kits. Did I mention their dough is so soft and malleable, barely leaves any “crumb” and can last longer than other handmade dough? I ditched other brands’ dough after I used theirs.

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Learning with ABC

Started by a group mummies who want to help other parents to engage children through learning activities and reduce screen time. I usually do my own learning materials but sometimes I get really busy so I saved these activities for rainy days when I have nothing planned on my home curriculum. I paste their interactive activities on the wall to make use of our wall-space (I like to make full use of every space in the house). They have travel learning kits and party favours too!


I bought their magnets before Toppings Kids started in Singapore. A few years ago, their magnets are always sold out during baby fairs and to order we had to import from Korea. Fortunately, now you can easily buy Momsboard in Singapore now; online or in shops. I have yet to own their whiteboard but I have seen before and the “glassy” surface is absolutely classy and easy to clean!

My Greatest Child

They have a wide selection of good children literature and very reasonably priced. I go to their shops (various branches) to buy Crayola products too.


SGHomemade (Food powder)

I am really too busy to do proper grocery shopping for kids’ meals. I’m really a horrible chef… but can say bye to sodium and processed flavouring with these food powder.

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This is where I bought the kids’ sensory table and chairs and their other furniture are on my wishlist. I like how their furniture are designed to promote independence in children; making items accessible for young children. So if you are looking to work on your kids’ room you can visit this shop. They have a physical store in I12 Katong.

Essentially Oil

I turned to using Essential oils shortly after giving birth to Noey. She had a fever practically on her 3rd day in this world and constantly having flu and cough as her brother just started childcare so he spread his virus to her. Long-story-short, doctors cannot prescribed her any med, so a friend recommended Essentially Oil blends for my kids. They were effective for my kids and myself. Her blends are safe for babies and pregnant ladies and she has a special way of ensuring her customers don’t get desensitised to her blends.


Here is where I buy nasty-free Natural Organics wet wipes, I have a packet at the art area for quick wipes in case the activities turned out messier than expected, or if N chews on the paint brush and crayons I quickly use the wipe to clean her mouth.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the shop listed here. These are shops that I follow or visit often. I bought at least one or more items from each of these shops.