Cleaning Up After Play

Honestly, I find it really difficult to make my kids clean up after their play. I am always on a lookout for suggested tips and activities to get them to keep their toys but those don't work most of the times. Occaaaaaasionally my kids do clean up when I'm not looking. So when I returned [...]


Teaching Phonics (As a mum)

"Phonics" This is a popular topic when we talk about enrichment class for young children. Is the word that seems to pop out once in a while in mummies' WhatsApp chatgroups ever since M was 2 years old. Before I go on, please note that this blog post is meant to target at Singapore parents, [...]

Supporting the Schemas in Play

The past few months I have been trying to understand the reasons behind certain behaviours my children exhibit. I came across the term "Schematic Play" and I thought it gives me a clearer understanding why my children do the things they do. Schemas are pattern of behaviours that help young children to make sense of [...]

Creating the play space

This is how my house looked like five months ago. I had a play yard but no kid wanted to go inside. Just so you know, this picture was taken AFTER the decision to revamp the play area, so it was much messier before these pictures were taken. In the Reggio education system, the environment [...]