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Hi, I’m Yvette! 👋

And here are my two kids, MN.

I used to be an early childhood teacher and curriculum writer. When I decided to become a stay-at-home mum, I don’t want my years of knowledge and passion for play to dissolve, so I started documenting my home-teaching journey on Instagram.

It is not easy to just focus on play in Singapore where the kids’ academic learning is seemingly fast-paced and very advanced. As much as I want them to free-play all day, I still do activities with them at home to develop their motor skills, English and Chinese language skills, Math… You know, skills you think is useful in the classroom. I cannot use the “worksheet” method on M because he will just shut-down. So I try to search or come up with ideas that are as fun as possible to engage my super-active kids.

I really love low-prep activities that I can do in minutes as I do not have enough time (my kids don’t sttn). I’m as busy as I was a full-time working mum (maybe worst, without the freedom to pee and drink as and when i like to).

STILL, I can’t stress how important play is for children… When children play, they are developing in all aspects: intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. I really want to be a tigermom to see fast result, but I know that the skills which are learned through play are far more important in life in the long run. Thus in our timetable, we reserved a large chunk of time to play and if possible, to play outside.

I’m also a children literature lover and strongly believes that (besides the literacy skills) reading stories develops empathy in young children as it broadens their perspectives through the story characters. Hence I enjoy reviewing storybooks as much as reviewing toys. I like to do bookish play with the kids; using a storybook to kickstart an activity or theme.

My opinions, views and suggestions are purely my own. Any post in my log r IG that is sponsored or affiliated will be stated (hastag in IG) but sponsored or not, I’m usually very honest when it comes to kids’ stuff.

Join us in our play-full journey, as we soak in the fun of childhood days while trying our best to meet the educational standards in SG with as little stress as possible.

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