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Stream of Praise Kids

Just a month ago, I felt like I couldn’t stand another car ride of singing “Let it Go” and “Into the Unknown”. The kids were belting the high notes, even at home repeatedly, and I often question what are they gaining out of this shouting for two months. Yes sure, language skills, listening skills – they know the lyrics better than I do. Two months already! It was time to move on!

I first heard about Stream of Praise Kids from a group of mamas during a playdate last November, then I learned more about SOP songs from Rainbow Joy Chinese review. I decided to do a Chinese songs playlist for car rides. I thought if they were to belt any song repeatedly, at least I will be more impressed if they are singing in Mandarin. I downloaded the Stream of Praise Kids playlist on Spotify, then I braced myself for the impact of resistance from the two Frozen fans.

Sure enough, came the whiny long “NOOOO” from the kids. And a sulky hub who complained he rather play Japanese lessons audio. I was firmed and said that it is time for them to learn new songs. Just one minute into listening they quieten down and listened. As my hub put the playlist in random mode, the next song was Japanese! I teased him that he can now learn Japanese with this playlist 🤣.

Fast forward to today, they are still listening to the Stream of Praise playlist without a fuss. I can finally hear my boy singing some songs in mandarin (which is extremely rare, he doesn’t really speak in Mandarin). He is even making up songs about Jesus on his own.

I came to truly appreciate the thoughtful considerations that go into composing the SOP kids songs.

Firstly, I love the simple, repeated words used in the lyrics that just speak our hearts how much we love God. Repetitive verses make the songs easy for children to sing along.

Secondly, pitch range of the songs is very appealing for young children – mostly in major chords which resulted in bright, cheerful music. The melodies are easy to the ears, easy to sing along in pitch, and the tune is uplifting.

Thirdly, the number of musical instrumental layers used is usually between 2 to 3 layers only. This keeps the music rather clean and simple, helping children to listen and focus on the meaning of the lyrics better. We will also play listening game of guessing the musical instruments we can hear in each song.

Teaching my son Chinese was one of my biggest challenges as he has always been resisting the language. It really brought me a huge relieve when I heard him sing praises to the Lord in Mandarin. I know God has helped to open the door and my son is now more willing to learn the language. I really want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who introduced SOP kids to me, and Rainbow Joy Chinese for being the biggest inspiration to always place Christ in the centre of everything we do, even if we want to learn a language.

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