Beginning of a play-full journey…

What does play mean to you?

So many definition, so many theories, so many play advocators out there.

What does “learning through play” means to you then?

I started blogging in Children Love to Play years ago when I was a teacher, it was my journal to record what having fun with kids is like. Learning about play is the fundamental part in getting your diploma in early childhood studies. So you now know play is a big part in the early years. Play is something natural, it is wholesome; involving the senses, the muscles, the brain and even the social and emotional aspects of development.

I can practically see readers rolling their eyes or yawning so I shall stop talking about the theoretical part of play here.

I am here to share my journey about advocating play for my very own kids (3yo and 1yo).

Now from a parent’s perspective; it is difficult to stay sane, I won’t deny there are MATTYYYYY moments. As a mumma, it is very difficult to think about having fun all the time. Especially as a Singaporean mum!

So I am a mumma, staying in a HDB in Singapore. My job is to be a mum, a very busy mumma in fact. I have no idea why am I so busy when I am not employed. Maybe because I have two bosses (Matty & Noey) and it is tiring to fulfil the demands both bosses when you are the only employee at home.

I love to use stories to inspire play ideas, and I like the Reggio’s inquiry-based approach to learning. I also inject music, art and nature in learnings. I am mad over toys and I do love sharing reviews on toys and lesson materials. On one hand I do buy expensive toys, on another I am very very much in loose parts play and I collect tinkers and cardboards like a karang-guni.

You are very welcome to join me in a journey to make an enjoyable childhood for our child(ren).

IG: Childrenlovetoplay


Share your play ideas with my friends and I with the hashtag #sgplayhacks.

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